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BusyBox Provides several stripped-down Unix tools in a single executable. It runs on top of the Linux kernel just as does Gnu/Linux. It is ideally suited to run in embedded devices. It has been self-dubbed "The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux". It is released as free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
Fix In position fixing navigation, a position fix or simply a fix is a position derived from measuring external reference points.
GAD GPS Aiding Data. Refers to XTRA and/or LTO.
GPS Aiding Data Refers to XTRA and/or LTO.
LTO Long Term Orbits. Broadcom's patented technology brings GPS assistance data to mobile device users who do not have the benefit of Assisted-GPS (AGPS) infrastructure in their wireless networks. GPS-enabled mobile devices equipped with LTO deliver AGPS-enhanced performance without sacrificing the reedom of autonomous operation.
Root A user on Unix-like systems, usually with full administrative privileges.
TSFF Time Since First Fix. Is a measure of the time elapsed for a GPS receiver to acquire satellite signals and navigation data the first fix.
TTFF Time To First Fix. Is a measure of the time required for a GPS receiver to acquire satellite signals and navigation data, and calculate a position solution (called a fix).
XTRA (abbr. of gpsOneXTRA Assistance technology) Qualcomm's new gpsOneXTRA Assistance technology provides enhanced operation by enabling a user to download a small assistance data file through a brief Internet access session. Network operators who have not yet deployed A-GPS systems can provide their subscribers with enhanced GPS performance on mobile handsets by using Qualcomm's gpsOneXTRA Assistance technology.
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