How to capture a Log

Written by Jesús Guillén. Posted in Documentation

Making it easy

Please, go to the Android Market, search for: aLogcat Free and install it. Now follow these simple steps.

    1. Once installed open "GPS Aids". 
    2. Press the button "Home" on your device.
    3. Open aLogcat Free.
    4. Touch "Menu" button on your device and tap on "Clear".
    5. Long press the "Home" button on your device.
    6. Tap "GPS Aids".
    7. Follow the specific instructions that I gave you. For example, in the "Advanced Mode" tap on "Download XTRA" button and wait until the process finish.
    8. Long press the "Home" button on your device.
    9. Tap "aLogcat".
    10. Touch "Menu" button in your device and tap "Save".
    11. Check the toast to know where is the Log saved, and send me it.

Note that the log may contain private information. You may wish to revise it and delete some entries.
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