Interface Overview

Written by Jesús Guillén. Posted in GPS Aids

Everyone to his own taste. You may love the new User Interface or you may hate it... that is not the point. But take in mind the following: for me, the easy way is to use the typical Android Interface and not that one.

01That said, let's start. At the top, we have the main toolbar where you can access the main features of the application. If you use "GPS Aids - FREE" some features will not be available. For example: "GPS Doctor". This bar is only available in the Main Interface.

02This is an information bar (data displayed may vary from one device to another). It can show "GPS Aiding Data Age" and "Current NTP Server" or just "Current NTP Server". Further version will display both parameters in all devices.


What's new? Information bar + image button AKA inbaimatton.. no! Just a joke! You will see a lot of items like it (with two buttons too).

All other elements follow the same lines. In brief: lock at colors... for example: normally all items with gray background will display information, with red background will display advanced features and so. If you have any question or suggestion regarding the user interface, let me know!

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