Written by Jesús Guillén. Posted in GPS Aids

Install GPS Aids is easy. There are two options:

  • From Android Market (current version): in your "Launcher" open the "Application List" and tap on the "Market" icon. Then tap on the "Search" icon and type "GPS Aids". From the resulting list, tap on the version of the application you want to install, for example, "GPS Aids V3 - FREE". In the next window, tap on "FREE" and then on "OK". If everything goes well, you will see in your "Notification Bar" the following message: "Successfully installed".

  • From Canary X (unsupported version): open "GPS Aids" and press your device "menu" button. Then go to "Preferences" > "Miscellany" and tap on "GPS Aids V2". This will open your "Browser" and will display a web page where you will be able to download version 2.0 of "GPS Aids". Just download it. Once the file has been downloaded, open it.

  • Permissions Explained: we are transparent. You can verify (using connection analysis software) that GPS Aids does not collect any information about you. However, we are going to explain you which permissions are requested by the application and why.
    1. Your location: It is for GPS Status and some internal procedures. We do not collect this data.
    2. Storage: It is only for internal procedures, such as edit/copy/paste files.
    3. Network communications: GPS Aids downloads GPS Aiding Data using Internet. GPS Aids - DONATE can use this permission to validate your license. License will be checked using Google Server and our Private Server.
    4. Your personal information: It is necessary to check (only in some devices) that GPS Aiding Data have been downloaded properly. We do not collect this data.
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