Getting Started (Setup)

Written by Jesús Guillén. Posted in GPS Aids

Step by step

The first time you run the application, it will show the "Setup". This can be launched from the main interface too ("Menu" > "Setup"). Before launch the "Setup", you should have and active Internet connection and the GPS on. Let's go:

    1. Select a device model and tap "Start Setup". If your device is not listed, select one with similar characteristics to your model. If you unknown this information, choose "Other".
    2. Next window will check if you have a rooted device. If not, don't worry. Just tap on "Next" or "Finish" (model dependant).
    3. Well... if you have a "Samsung Galaxy S" you will see the last "Setup" window. It will check what method(s) will work with your device. Tap on "Finish" when it's done. If you have other device you will see the main interface of "GPS Aids".
    4. Now, you should be in the main interface of GPS Aids. An information bar with gray background will display what method it is currently working. There is two method "Native" and "Forced". The "Native Method" works with most of the Android Devices but "Forced Method" only works with Samsung Galaxy S devices.

Why a Setup? I'm an Advanced User!

To save time and resources. It is not a good idea to made long and/or heavy operations in Android to avoid "ANR's" and "FC's". But if you are and Advanced User, GPS Aids V3 have an Advanced Mode for you. That mode overrides all "Setup" detections temporarily.
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