Getting Started (GPS Aids)

Written by Jesús Guillén. Posted in GPS Aids

Basic Mode

interfaceHere we go! The "Basic" Mode" (present only for Samsung Galaxy S devices) has been set to avoid troubles to the final user. This mode consists of a single button "Download GPS Aiding Data". It will try first to download "XTRA Data" using the "Native Method" but on error it will download "LTO File" using the "Forced Method" (only if your device is rooted). Everything with only one touch!

The application, before download the "GPS Aiding Data", will reset all previous downloads for better performance.

As you can see in the picture, there are three gray rectangles. First (top) will display your "GPS Aiding Data Age". It is very important. You should download the "GPS Aiding Data" when the age is more than three days for better results... GPS Aids - DONATE will do it automatically. Then we have "Current NTP Server". It is better to select (under "Preferences") one near you. This is not a very important trick, but it can help a little. Second gray rectangle (middle) will display "Method(s)" actually working in your device. And finally at the third gray rectangle (bottom) you will see what the application does.

Advanced Mode

interface"Advanced Mode" will display some buttons more (device dependant). This mode  does not check if "GPS Aiding Data" have been successfully download. It will send only the commands.

Reset "GAD" can display one or two buttons "Reset XTRA" or "Reset XTRA" and "Reset LTO". Normally you just have to use one of them, but you are free to use both, for example: imagine yourself in a remote area, without Internet and therefore without the ability to download the "GPS Aiding Data". If your device is not able to get a fix, you could try to reset the "GPS Aiding Data" and do a "Cold Start". It can take a while.. but...

Inject Time from NTP will sync time between your "GPS Chip" and a "Time Server". It can help a lot if you made a "Cold Start" but almost nothing if you do a "Hot Start" (which is more usual).

Download "GAD" like Reset "GAD" can display one or two buttons "Download XTRA" or "Download XTRA" and "Download LTO". Please use only one at a time. Make tests to find out what works better with your device using "GPS Status".

Please check our Glossary to know more about "XTRA" and "LTO".
Note that all LTO operations will need a rooted device.
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