Coco Widgets - FREE

Written by Jesús Guillén. Posted in Widget

coco-widgets-256What is Coco Widgets - FREE?

Coco Widgets is a set of widgets designed for your Android devices. It allows you to customize the look and feel of your home screen.

Now you can take your current home screen and Coco'tize it with widgets such as toggle buttons to change the status of your devices features (contacts, wheather, rss reader, favourites, an much more in the near future). We want to grow quickly, for that, during the beta developing stage it will be FREE including all PRO widgets.

When will be released Coco Widgets?

Right now there is no specific date for the Android Market. But it will be soon (before november). During the beta developing stage it will be published here, in . As soon as we have a Release Candidate it will be available at Android Market. But you can test our ALPHA version of Coco Widgets (bottom of this page).

Show me more!

Below you can see some screenshots from ALPHA version. Coco Widgets has been designed by Iago Argones Rodrí


Coco Widgets 0.00.500 [ALPHA] Initial Public Release
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